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Burning NFL training camp questions 32 t
It's NFL training camp time, which means every player, coach and fan thinks their team is going to the Super Bowl. We know better. And so do most of them if they are being Chris Bosh Jersey realistic. There is no way any player could be thinking that, right? Right? As we ready for camp, it's time to take a look at a burning question for each team as it opens its push to get to the Super Bowl. All 32 teams have i sues, some more than others. But I picked out the biggest i sue facing each team as it prepares to open camp. For many, it's the quarterback position, which is always the focus at this time of the year -- and always for that matter. Here's a look: Will Chandler Jones and amp up the pa s rush? The Cardinals had 36 sacks last season, tying Jacksonville for 20th in the league, and the leader was with eight. He is no longer with the team. That's why they traded to get Jones, who had 12 sacks for the last season. Nkemdiche was a top-10 talent in the draft, but off-field concerns dropped him down. If the Cardinals can keep him in line, these two should amp up a pa s rush that was a problem area in 2015. With second-year edge rusher also improved, those three should help get the Cardinals closer to 45 sacks. Can fit into Kyle Shanahan's system and bounce back? Judging by the media chatter, Ryan was dreadful last season. He wasn't. He just Duncan Robinson Jersey didn't seem to be a good fit in Shanahan's offense, which features much more of Ryan on the move than he should be. Ryan needs to play more from the pocket, and he struggled at times to make Shanahan's offense work. He still threw for the fifth-most yards in the league with 4,591, but he threw 16 picks to go with 21 touchdowns. That's not good enough. Maybe Shanahan will wise up and use Ryan more conventionally. For the first time last year, Ryan had to tape his ankle in practice because he moved so much. That's just stupidity for a player of his talents. How will quarterback play coming off a torn ACL? That's hard to gauge. Flacco tore his ACL and MCL in his left knee in a game against St. Louis, but he was back running in April and has said continually that he expects to be ready for the start of the regular season. That is po sible and we've seen quarterbacks like come back from ACL surgery and play well, but it's still an unknown until we see it. Flacco works hard and I would expect he's back playing at the same level early in the season. Can Rex Ryan turn around a defense that took a major step back last season? Ryan is a self-anointed defensive guru. And he has been the leader of some good defenses. But he has had four defenses ranked lower than 25th in points as a coordinator or head coach, the same as he has had in the top 10. The Bills went from fourth in scoring defense in 2014 to 13th last season in Ryan's first as coach of the team. They had some players gripe about the scheme and loafed because of it. Ryan has to get the defense back closer to the top five if the Bills are going to be a playoff team. Will there be a Super Bowl hangover? That's one of the toughest questions to answer for any team, but the reality is that most Super Bowl losers are good teams the next year. Of the 49 losers, 35 went back to the playoffs. But the last Super Bowl loser to get back to the big game was the Buffalo Bills in the early 1990s. The Panthers say they went back to fundamentals some to avoid a po sible hangover, and they have a talented, young roster that will help make sure it doesn't happen. They are still the favorites in the NFC South, but getting back will be tough. Can John Fox and Vic Fangio continue to improve the defense? The Bears were terrible in 2014, giving up 442 points. But in the first year for Fox and Fangio, they improved a bit with 397 points against. They played a lot of young players, so growth is expected. The key will be getting more pre sure since they LeBron James Jersey had just 35 sacks in front of a relatively young secondary. That's not good enough in Fangio's system. The addition for first-round pick should help the edge rush ability for the Bears. Can this talented team ever win a playoff game? The good news is coach Marvin Lewis has taken his team to the playoffs each of the past five seasons, but the bad news is he Denzel Curry Jersey 's 0-5. The Bengals had perhaps their best team of any of those five last season, but when quarterback went down with a thumb injury in December they had problems. Even so, they blew their playoff game with the without Dalton because of bonehead, undisciplined plays. That has to stop if they are to ever reach their potential. They have a ton of talent, so now is the time. Cleveland Browns Will Hue Jackson be able to re-invent ? That's going to take a lot of work. RG3 excelled early when the used him in the read-option offense. But he never developed as a pa ser from the pocket. Jackson is a bright quarterback mind, but getting RG3 to excel from the pocket is a real challenge. Observers of the offseason work said he was wild with his throws, which isn't a good start in Cleveland. This is a big task for Jackson. How much does have left? Ripping Romo has become a sport of sorts over the course of his career, but I've always contended he was underrated. The critics found that out last year when he went 3-1 in the games he played and the Cowboys were 1-11 in the games he mi sed. That's value. Romo is back from the injury, but he's also 36 years old. There is no doubt he is coming to the end, but I still think he can roll up big numbers if he's on the field. It's all about health. Is the answer at quarterback? There was no real committment to Sanchez by the staff this offseason, but word is starting to get out that he will be the guy. There was some talk that would be in the mix, but it looks like Sanchez will go into the season as the starter for the Super Bowl champs. But his position sure isn't firm. is the long-term answer, but there is talk that Siemian might be the guy at some point this season. It's a job for Sanchez to lose. With Megatron retired, who picks up the slack? The Lions wanted to be able to run it more last season, but they finished last in the league and averaged 3.8 yards per rush. They changed coordinators during the season and will go back to throwing it around more -- which has Tyler Herro Jersey been their identity with Matt Stafford at quarterback. But with retired, do they still play that way? has been a top-10 receiver in catches the past two seasons, so he now becomes the No. 1 receiver. They signed away from Cincinnati, and he will fill the No. 2 role he played with the Bengals. Neither is in Johnson's c

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